Woodworm treatment in Dartford

Woodworm are one of the leading causes of structural vulnerability in timber-framed buildings. If you are looking for professional woodworm treatment in Dartford, we would love to hear from you. 


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Woodworm Treatment

 One of the tell-tale signs of woodworm are the small bore-holes in timber framework of a property. 

Woodworm is the larvae state of a wood-boring beetle. The beetles lay their eggs between April – September. If you have found these holes, or some of the beetles in your home or commercial property – you most probably have a woodworm issue – and it needs to be dealt with immediately. 


Why call in our woodworm treatment experts?

Because woodworm damage can compromise the structural integrity of a property, our qualified team will come out and first carry out an assessment to make sure woodworm is the cause. 

Once identified, our rapid-response team will then set about eradicating the woodworm using the most appropriate solution, depending on the surroundings. 

Whether it is a residential or commercial property – if you are looking for effective woodworm treatment in Dartford, we want to hear from you.



100% Eradication Guaranteed

If we are called out and identify that woodworm treatment is required we provide a 100% eradication guarantee. We will not stop until we are certain that the woodworm has been dealt with.

Why Use Sovereign Approved Contractors?

Dartford Pest Control are members of the Association of Sovereign Approved Contractors. As members we have undertaken a strenuous and exhaustive qualifying process, and are continuously checked to ensure our team and our work are always of the highest standards. Furthermore, we can offer insurer backed guarantees to give you added peace of mind.


Why Choose Us?


We try to get to you as quick as we can. We also offer a 24/7, same day service.


All our pest control technicians are experienced and Level 2 qualified.


For many clients, having pest issues can be problematic so we use unmarked vans. 


As well as domestic clients we are available for commercial contracts as well. 

Think you need woodworm treatment? Call us now

If you suspect your home or commercial property is suffering woodworm damage, call us now and speak to our helpful, friendly team.

"Amazing Service!"

“Lucy was the first person I spoke to and she was extremely helpful, gave me a lot of information and also transferred me over to someone to put my mind at rest until they got to my house (which was extremely quick!). We was able to sit back and relax whilst Brian solved our problems. He was in and out very quickly and again was very friendly and professional. Highly recommend and I would definitely contact again if I ever have future problems.”

woodworm treatment in Dartford