COCKROACH control in Dartford

Whether you find cockroaches in your home or business, these tough little blighters are unwanted guests. With our cockroach pest control in Dartford, you can rely on a rapid response and highly trained team to resolve your cockroach issue quickly.


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Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth – so if you think going on YouTube will give you all the answers then guess again. 

The reproductive rate of cockroach is rapid and without professional products and a true understanding of how these pests operate will completely get rid of them.

Our highly-trained staff are experienced in locating and eradicating cockroaches from a wide selection of establishments in and around Dartford. 


Why call in cockroach removal experts?

If you don’t deal with your cockroach issue, you could be running the risk of affecting yours, your family or your customers health. 

Cockroaches are carriers of diseases such as dysentery and salmonella. Their droppings are also shown to increase eczema and asthma. 

If you are finding shed skins or droppings in your home, business, or workplace – then make sure you contact one of our team as soon as possible. We will come out within hours and get to work right away. 




100% Eradication Guaranteed

Whether it’s your home, business or workplace – cockroaches are a pest that need to be treated by professionals who can guarantee they will be gone. Our team are on-hand to make sure all cockroaches are eradicated from your property – as well as giving you advice to avoid a repeat where necessary.

 British Pest Control Association
Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use

All our Pest Control Technicians are Level 2 Certified in Pest Management


Why Choose Us?


We try to get to you as quick as we can. We also offer a 24/7, same day service.


All our pest control technicians are experienced and Level 2 qualified.


For many clients, having pest issues can be problematic so we use unmarked vans. 


As well as domestic clients we are available for commercial contracts as well. 

Problem with cockroaches? Give us a call

If you are looking for a team of qualified experts to quickly deal with your cockroach issues – call Dartford Pest Control to book a consultation.

"Amazing Service!"

“Lucy was the first person I spoke to and she was extremely helpful, gave me a lot of information and also transferred me over to someone to put my mind at rest until they got to my house (which was extremely quick!). We was able to sit back and relax whilst Brian solved our problems. He was in and out very quickly and again was very friendly and professional. Highly recommend and I would definitely contact again if I ever have future problems.”

cockroach pest control in Dartford